What “The End” Really Means…

I imagine for most novelists, writing the words, “The End” (or whatever arrangement of words by which a book comes to a close) is truly a moment of deep satisfaction, a sense of completion, as well it should be. However, the real “end” comes after the first draft manuscript is sent to the publisher, is assigned to an editor, survives the editor, and is thereafter revised by the author. At this point, a point at which an author can truly say the last word has been written, worked, reworked, and flogged into its final form, does “The End” finally come.

TODAY is that day for A Murder of Crows, Book II of A City of Seven Gates.

Tomorrow, I’ll send the FINAL manuscript to the publisher, along with acknowledgments, the dedication, etc., and it will be in her caring hands to actually publish the book. I’ve had a celebratory whiskey and cigar this evening, and I wanted to share it with you, My Reader. After all, I’ve pressed all the way to “The End” just for you.

St. Andrew’s Church in Penrith, England

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