A City with Seven Gates Novel

A Place with Dragons
(Volume 1)

In a secret world of giants, Wisps, War Crows, and ancient magic, Nicolas Bennett discovers he is the heir to the throne of a fantastical Kingdom. Nicolas is prophesied to become one of the greatest of all Dragon Nightfalls but only if he can kill the recently awakened Overlord Dragon, Arnyek Tolvaj. Known as the Shadow Thief, Arnyek Tolvaj is the doom of Telluric Grand and a looming threat to Relic, the City with Seven Gates. Joined by three new friends, Nicolas sets out on a dangerous journey, determined to accomplish the impossible. And when he finally comes face to face with the Shadow Thief, Nicolas truly understands the private agony of what it means to be a savior.

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Read By Kim Durham,
British Theatre & Film Actor

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A Murder of Crows
(Volume 2)

As a heavy snowfall settles across the silence of an English countryside, Nicolas Bennett finds himself at home on Christmas Eve, struggling with the possibility of forever having lost his once-found-new friends, Benjamin, Adelaide, and Ranulf. Plagued by the private, painful reminder of his older brother, Jack, a miserable Nicolas trudges out into the winter night to fetch the family dog and—most unexpectedly within the stifling confines of a dark, wet burrow—finds his way back into the fantastical land of Telluric Grand. Unsure of himself and mistrusted by those around him, Nicolas discovers he’s come back just as an invasion of war crows looms inevitably on the eastern horizon. In the midst of a desperate plan to mount a last-minute defense of the first kingdom, Nicolas, the wren and a once-dragon nightfall, steals himself to do the unthinkable. Nicolas dares to risk losing everyone and everything he’s found again… and he dares to risk losing his own life.


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About Me

Steven L. Lovett is a life-long fan of crackling fires, cold winds in autumn, stacks of hand-cut firewood, stormy-grey oceans, and the kinds of stories which keep all of us looking for magic in quiet places.

Steven is an admiring student of T.H. White, a sentimentalist of C.S. Lewis, and an unabashed fan of J.R.R. Tolkien. (He says he'll have "made it" as a novelist when everyone begins referring to him as S.L. Lovett.) A professor by day and a writer by night (or by weekends or any other free time), Steven has previously published three nonfiction books and several scholarly journal articles, and possesses a trove of waiting-to-be-published short stories and one novella (a Poe-esque tale).

Steven lives with his wife, their daughter, and far too many dogs on a quiet, wooded street in a small town in eastern Kansas.

A Place With Dragons is Steven's debut novel and the first of a series about Telluric Grand, The City With Seven Gates

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